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The Unveiling! Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace Process Video

The Unveiling! Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace Process Video

Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace Process Video

Have you ever heard about aromatherapy and essential oils? Or how they can help with a multitude of ills?

For instance, several studies have looked at lavender's anxiety-reducing effects, and a study published by Physiology & Behavior in 2005 focused on 200 people awaiting dental treatment and found that breathing in the scent of lavender both lessened anxiety and improved mood.

In fact, I've always believed in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and have been using them during this time of uncertainty to bring about more calm in my life. 

So to make lemonade from lemons, I  have come up with a way to lessen your anxiety and perhaps give you a little more calm into your life. 

First, I am about to reveal some of the blends I use to helping me. Here they are...Young Living's Peace and Calming II, Valor, and Acceptance blends. 

But that's not all. Awhile back, I created an essential oil vessel and the rest is history. They have been well received, and so I decided at that point to create a Keep Calm collection of Essential Oil Rollerball Necklaces, with vials that you can swap out. Click here to check these roller necklaces out. 

Also, I know that you may not have the funds to invest in this immunity-boosting, anxiety lessening creation, so I have a solution that you might like...

At checkout select ViaBill and you can divide up the payments into 4 equal, easy payments. 😌 Click here and save 15% and then select ViaBill, and split your payments up. That's all you need to do.

I hope that you and your family are well, I really miss seeing you.

Sending Love and Light ❤️

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