One-Of-A-Kind Iolite Cabachon Ring

One-Of-A-Kind Iolite Cabachon Ring

  • $ 199.00

This ring sparkles in the day and night. Although it resembles a moonlit skies with the stars a sparklin'. Here's why you won't want to pass up this amazing one-of-a-kind ring...

  • Sterling Silver that has been lightly and delicately hammered to give it a unique look.
  • Rectangular shape Iolite stone sets this amazing ring apart. 
  • Iolite comes from ios, the Greek word for violet. 
  • The Vikings made Iolite's pleochroism a virtue by using thin slices of the stone as a light polarizer to navigate their trips.
  • Sterling silver dot embellishments resembling the flow of life.
  • Wonderful band that separates then come together.
  • Comes in one size. If it's your size then it will fit you and only you. :) 

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Free Bonus! With each ring purchase you'll receive a polishing cloth. Although you'll not need it for this wonderful one-of-a-kind ring, if you have non blackened sterling silver surely these will tarnish a bit. So this bonus will help. 

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