Sterling Silver & Copper Earrings | Disk Earrings

  • $ 4600

These Sterling Silver & Copper Earrings Are A Little Off...

Do you ever feel life is a little out of whack? One of those days is a little off? Now, you can revel in what life has to offer with these copper and shiny sterling silver earrings. Beautifully handcrafted from copper and sterling silver. The sterling silver is lightly hammered. Patina is applied to copper with a torch and then coated with lacquer. So each pair is a little different. Asymmetrical design is topsy-turvy for when your life is too. Check out features and benefits of these petite double disk earrings: 

  • Disks are small, gives it a delicate feel.
  • Short wire fits comfortably through ear and stays hidden.
  • Contrasting metals gives it extra elegance.
  • Asymmetrical configured disks gives it uniqueness.
  • Sterling Silver disks are lightly hammered giving it a fantastic feel and look


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