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Beach Jewelry | Bronze Jewelry Amozinte White Tusk Shell Earrings

  • $ 6800

Amazonite and bronze ball stones with 2" dentalium. 3" total length from top of ear wire.

Dentalium shells have been used ornamentally as beads, money, and symbols of wealth for thousands of years and many varieties can be found around the world. Dentalium Pretiosum or Indian Money Tusk has a smooth finish with horizontal ridges and are a strong shell, less likely to chip or break.

White tusk shells are now gathered by northern California abalone divers. Dentalium was once used for currency by Pacific Northwest Indians. Indians created tattoos to measure length, and the corresponding length correlated with bartered items received.

Buy with confidence. One-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. Handmade in my home studio. Fast shipping. 6,789 transactions, 423 positive reviews.

Note: due to the handcrafted nature of this beach jewelry (dentalium) white tusk earrings variances may occur.

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