Chalcedony Stone | Big Wave Ring

  • $ 18900

Could you imagine riding a wave of peace and tranquility every day? Introducing the...

Chalcedony Stone | Big Wave Ring

Handcrafted one-of-a-kind chalcedony stone ring. To learn how this stone got it's unique name look below. This amazing ring is wonderful and you'll see why...

  • Unique chalcedony stone ring has a large 1" stone in width at widest point.
  • This unique chalcedony wave stone has a unique ocean feel and feature. 
  • green or blueish stone length is close to 1 1/2" inch in length.
  • Impressive smooth beveled band. 
  • Top surface comes with a patina or antique finish.
  • Band can be sized to fit. Band is adjustable from sizes 6 - 9. 
  • Signature 5 silver dots adorns the longest side. 
  • Band is shiny and made from .925 sterling silver
  • Stone back plate is also sterling silver. 

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Did you know this about the chalcedony stone?

The chalcedony name is probably derived from the town Chalcedon in Asia Minor.[5] The Greek word khalkedon (χαλκηδών) also appears in the Book of Revelation (Apc 21,19). It is a hapax legomenon (the term for a word found nowhere else) so it is hard to tell whether the precious gem mentioned in the Bible is the same mineral known by this name today.

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