Lapis Lazuli Jewelry | Ancient Egyptian Jewelry - Lapis Lazuli Ring

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Be a part of history, ancient that is, with this fantastic piece of...

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Recovered from an ancient Egyptian pyramid dig site.

Hey don't you wish. 

Seriously you'll love this ancient symbolic lapis lazuli jewelry like you were a Pharaoh or maybe Egyptian princess. With the calming effects of the lapis stone you'll be feeling calm, and amazingly meditative.

This might not be

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

but you'll feel powerful.

Here are some great features and benefits of this awesome Lapis ring:

  • 5/8" square with elegant design. Perfect for that dinner date.  
  • Handmade sterling silver ring purity. Amazing. 
  • Patina gives it an antique look, hence the ancient era feel. 
  • Smooth, non-hammered double v-band. Unique boldness. 
  • Faceted Lapis Lazuli stone hand bezel set. Elegance. 
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