Feathered Moonstone Diamond Shaped Ring

  • $ 7900

 An amazing part of my diamond-shaped rings collection... 

Handcrafted out of .925 sterling silver and Moonstone is set on diamond shape ring. This particular pattern.  Ring is 1" x 1". So check out what you get...


  • One of my most popular rings I create. 
  • Given an antique finish. Won't tarnish. 
  • Almost all women love Moonstone. Has always been in style. 
  • Can wear this at the office and at play. 
  • Stunning fern pattern gives unique natural feel. 
  • Ship any size in approximately 1-7 business days. 

Isn't that enough? Well, this may just help...

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of this sterling silver diamond-shaped ring artisn jewelry variances may occur. Each one is unique, just a little different in shape. We will work with you to make you happy. :)

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...and voila, purchase and this will be in your hands within 1-10 business days. Exciting!

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