Sapphire Shell and Rose Twig Necklace 18k Gold Pearl

  • $ 199.00

Sapphire Rose Twig Necklace

It's as if a branch delicate is kissing a shell. In fact a petite cast sterling silver shell is softly enveloped by a cast rose twig branch. A unique organic motif backing is polished giving this stunning pendant all that much more class. A 18k gold ball is set as a pearl within the shell. It's lightweight, weighing in a mere 7 ounces. Chain is soldered to branch, but is adjustable from 16" to 18". Lapis stone dangles from end of necklace. 

Note: Due to handcrafting, slight variances may occur. If you have questions please use this contact form. Also, you can check out my FAQ section, or utilize the cool little Facebook Messenger App button in lower right hand corner of this page and I'll get back with you asap. 

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